Extra Parts

Lose some parts to one of our games? Dog got hungry and ate them? Not a problem! Below is a description of parts and pieces available for ordering. To order some of the parts and pieces described, just scroll down to the Ordering Table at the bottom and fill out what you would like to order.

Maps: 11.95 each. Maps are available for World at War, Europe at War and Hallowed Ground.

Grab Bag: 24.95 each. Big bag of 500 assorted pieces of our choice from our surplus pieces, all pieces are world at war pieces.

Grab Box: 49.95 each. These boxes have everything the 500+ pieces grab bag does plus over 1000 varied colored chips of black, white, red and green, plus over 300 area control markers usable with Axis and Allies plus a pack of nuclear mushroom clouds.

Extra Playing Pieces: 4.95 per "tree". Each "tree" contains a set of 8 infantry, 2 bombers, 3 fighters, 3 tanks, 3 transports, 1 aircraft carrier, 2 battleships, 6 cruisers, 3 submarines, 2 anti aircraft guns, 1 sub pen and 1 factory. The "trees" are available in a variety of different colors, please see the order listing further down the page for a list of available colors. The picture below shows a tree. We also have grab bags of 500 assorted pieces available for the bargain price of 24.95, containing a random mix of units and colors, most pieces except aircraft

Plastic Chip Counters: 6.95 per bag of 100. The chips are 5/8ths of an inch in diameter(standard size). Each bag contains 85 white and 15 red chips.

Rulebooks: 6.95 per booklet. Available for World at War, Europe at War, Eastern Front and Pacific at War.

Area Control Markers: 4.95 per sheet. Available for Pacific at War and Europe at War. Each sheet is identical to the ones included in the games.

Area Control Markers: 12.95 per 2 sheet pack. Available for World at War. Designed to replace the once you have, these ones are 2x as thick and printed on both sides. No more struggling to pick up thin ones and no more wondering what the control marker is when its upside down.

Deluxe World at War Area Control Markers: 14.95 per set of two sheets. These deluxe area control markers are twice the thickness of regular axis and allies ones, making them much easier to pick up, and they are printed on both sides, making them a lot easier to identify. One of the printed sides is slightly off center. Pictured below.

Boxes shown below: 4.95 per set of 5 boxes. They are 5 inches square, 1.5 inches deep, and are great for keeping pieces organized. Each player can have their own box. Made of white on both sides cardboard. Particularly useful if you own the newest version of A&A, which does not have separate styrofoam containers for each player's pieces.



Futuristic Pieces SOLD OUT: 14.95 for 60 piece set, 12 each of jets, marines, half tracks, hover // tanks and choppers. Piece count by color will vary, picture below is not representative of the color // distribution. Easy to paint if desired. Also nuclear mushroom clouds are available for 9.95 per set of 12




Ordering Table - fill out what you would like then click the Add to Cart button at the bottom:
areaEAWArea Markers Europe at War4.95
areaPAWArea Markers Pacific at War4.95
areaWAWArea Markers World at War(2 sheets, printed both sides, extra thick)12.95
chipsbag of 100 chips (85 white, 15 red)6.95
chipswhitebag of 100 white chips6.95
chipsredbag of 100 red chips6.95
chipsgreenbag of 100 green chips6.95
chipsblackbag of 100 black chips6.95
chipswhitemega"mega pack" bag of 1000 white chips59.95
chipsredmega"mega pack" bag of 1000 red chips59.95
chipsgreenmega"mega pack" bag of 1000 green chips59.95
chipsblackmega"mega pack" bag of 1000 black chips59.95
nukesNuclear Mushroom Clouds (12)9.95
ruleEFrulebook Eastern Front6.95
ruleEAWrulebook Europe at War6.95
ruleWAWrulebook world at war6.95
grabbaggrab bag24.95
grabboxgrab box49.95
treetealtree teal4.95
treepurpletree purple4.95
treeblacktree black4.95
treesummitgreentree summit green4.95
treeyellowgoldtree yellow gold4.95
treebabyyellowtree baby yellow4.95
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