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Welcome to Xeno Games, publisher of the World at War, the world's premiere unauthorized expansion for Axis and Allies!

Oct 20, 2020: We don't have much left and are vere close to being sold out of everything so we are offering a final "Grab Box" in the parts for all games section. These boxes have everything the 500+ pieces grab bag does plus over 1000 varied colored chips of black, white, red and green, plus over 300 area control markers usable with Axis and Allies plus a pack of nuclear mushroom clouds. These represent a packaging of the things we have left in inventory and are the final stretch of what's left before we are completely sold out of everything and close down for good.

Oct 20, 2020: Brown trees are now sold out forever. Futuristic pieces have also just sold out forever.

Oct 1, 2020: Neon Green trees are now sold out forever. The futuristic pieces sets configuration is sold out of hover craft, and choppers, and now consists of 16 marines, 16 jets and 16 half tracks, for a total of 48 pieces.

June 21, 2020: World at War has finally sold out for good! The only products Xeno Games has left for sale are in the parts for all games section while supplies last! Once our inventory sells down, Xeno Games will be closing.

Dec 1, 2019: We have found a small amount of teal and purple trees. They can be ordered in the parts for all games section while supplies last. Merry Xmas to all -)

Nov 8, 2019: Eastern Front, Russia at War and tan colored trees are now all sold out forever.

Oct 8, 2019: World at War is back in stock for a limited (and final!) time.

Sep 10, 2019: World at War is sold out again. We will try to make more from components on hand and will make an announcement if successful. Cheers to all!

June 3, 2019: We are now sold out of blue and gray historical pieces for ever

May 6, 2019: The Grab Bag is back and available! In the parts for all games section, the grab bag of 500 pieces for only 24.95 is is one again available for a limited time.

Jan 1, 2019: We are sold out of neon orange and dark green trees forevermore. Happy Holidays to all!

Oct 29, 2018: World at War 2005 Warehouse find... Rumaging through the remaining inventory at Xeno has turned up a stash of World at War 2005 games hidden under other boxes! Xeno is once again able to offer the World at War 2005 for a limited time :-)

Sep 2, 2018: EUROPE AT WAR IS SOLD OUT. After around 30 years of being in print, Europe at War is sold out for good. We have also sold out of Grey Trees.

Apr 23, 2018: WORLD AT WAR 2005 IS SOLD OUT. After 17 years of being in print, World at War 2005 has finally sold out. We may make an update pack available, but the full version with the map will never again be available. Good gaming to all!

Oct 16, 2016: Shipping Time: Please be advised it takes us about a week to ship orders. Most orders within the United States and Canada will arrive at their destination within 7-10 days thereafter, for a total of about 14-17 days.

Dec 15, 2015: Dark Blue trees are now sold out and gone forever

Nov 30, 2015: The Xeno website is back up and running at this new URL, www.xenogames.ca instead of www.xenogames.com

May 15, 2014: Baby Yellow trees are back in stock in the parts for all games section.

Sep 6, 2013: We have some new Gray and Dark Green trees available in the parts for all games section. Dark blue trees are back in stock too.

Sep 5, 2013: It has become clear to us with time that we will not be able to complete the World at War Online due to being unable to continue to fund its development. If you ordered a copy, please contact us at xenogames@sympatico.ca so that we can send you a refund via Paypal. Please include the name under which you placed the order. There is a small chance that we will try to complete what we have so far and release it as a free download.

May 22, 2012: Dark Blue trees are now available in the parts for all games section. The price has increased a bit due to increased production costs. We hope to have some dark green and gray trees available soon as well.

Feb 21, 2011: Deluxe World at War area control markers are now avaialble in the parts for all games section. These are twice as thick as regular axis and allies ones and they are printed on both sides. The extra thickness makes them easy to pick up (regular axis and allies ones are too thin). Dual side printing makes them easy to identify (regular axis and allies ones are blank on one side)

July 5th, 2010: Chips are now available in green and black (the black looks really slick!), in addition to red and white. We have packs of green and black available in the parts for all games section. The World at War Online continues to progress yet we still have no date on the Alpha or Beta version release.

Oct 5th: We have found a limited quantity of the older, yellow boxed World at War 3rd edition and have made it available in the Xeno Products section for players who wish to own it for nostalgic purposes. The World at War Online alpha version is presently being tested and refined.

July 8th: The alpha version of World at War Online is nearly completed. All major programming elements have been completed with the exception of server support, which will be redesigned and ready later on with the beta version. At this point in time we plan to offer the alpha version to people who pre-ordered once we have completed preliminary testing and debugging. A release date for the alpha version will be posted very soon. Xeno extends a thank you to everyone for their patience.

Dec 6th: World at War Online continues to advance. We're closer to an alpha version for internal testing, to be followed by a beta version which will be made available to everyone that pre-ordered

Oct 30th: We have been making steady progress on the World at War Online, and hope to be able to announce a Beta version release date sometime soon.

June 17th: Xeno has two new tree colors, Neon Green and Neon Orange, both of which can be ordered in the parts for all games section. The neon green is a green that is even brighter than Summit Green, sort of a lime color, while the neon orange is an orange that is brighter than the viscolor orange color.

Apr 19th: Work continues on World at War Online.

Feb 4rth: We continue to make progress on the World at War Online, with brief notes of progress posted up in the developer's corner. We still do not have a release date as of yet. About 300 new different games have been posted up in the Other Games section at discounted prices.

Dec 1: The Other Games section is re-activated, thank you for your patience.

Nov 28: IMPORTANT: We have stopped taking orders from our "Other Games" section because we have been bombarded with so many orders that we need time to pick and pack them and delete what is sold out from the database, and we do not want disappoint people ordering things that are sold out. We left access to the "Other Games" section open so that you can see what you might like to order (if it isn't sold out) once we are back up and running, but it is not presently possible to add products to the shopping cart (until we catch up). We are most definately sold out of Queens Gambit, and will ship the ones we have to the orders received first. We hope to be back up and running to take orders by the morning of Dec 1rst, and sincerely thank everyone for their interest and apologize for the inconvenience.

Nov 23: Xeno has finished listing a large variety of older games available from other publishers at discount prices. To see the lists, click the Other Games button on the left.

Sep 26: Xeno has slightly increased shipping charges as a result of the depreciation of the U.S. dollar. Instead of a flat fee of 4.95 per shipment, Xeno now charges approximately half the actual shipping cost and Xeno pays for the rest, with a minimum charge of 3.95 for very small orders.

Aug 27: Xeno's oversized World at War Custom Map is completely sold out and no longer available. We did find some copies of the Classic Map which has been unavailable for years, and have made it available in the Xeno Products section on the left.

Aug 6: Xeno will start maintaining a developper progress page for the World at War Online in an effort to keep everyone informed of advancements being made. The progress page will be updated regularly from this point forward and can be accessed from the WAW Online section or by clicking this link WAW Online Developper's Corner.

July 23: Registration for the "Heat of Battle" convention is now open, anyone interested in obtaining more information about attending or hosting/playing a World at War game at the convention is invited to contact walt.burgoyne@ddaymuseum.org. The National World War II Museum's website can be found at http://www.nationalww2museum.org/wargameconvention/.

Feb 19th: Xeno continues to work on the World at War online. The beta version is 85%-90% complete and will be offered for testing purposes to everyone that pre-ordered their copy of World at War Online.

Dec 18th: Xeno has finished moving to our new location and the Xeno server and website are back up and running.

Oct 18th: The World at War Online 2.0 is moving forward steadily.  The 1.5 version is no longer being offered because the 2.0 version is expected to be released shortly.  

May 21rst: The World at War Online 2.0 status: To everyone that has ordered WAW Online and is waiting patiently, the programming team has roughly 100 medium sized programming tasks left to do for the beta version, and has been completing an average of one per day for the past several weeks. At this pace the beta version should be out in 3 more months. Thank you again for your patience and understanding, we're working hard on completing the WAW Online!

May 5th: By popular demand, the World at War 2005 rules have been published on the website. To view the rules simply click this link: World at War 2005 Rules.